Name: Helix Goh

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HelixGoh.

Helix is a weird, sleep-deprived creature known as a “Pamster”. An original half-panda and half-hamster mascot, this pudgy-looking, creative and carnivorous animal lives off on a supply of good stories, characters and meat.

Just meat.

Despite appearing a little naive, and indecisive, it has a curious and stubborn streak, as well as a mellow disposition.

Currently working as a local graphic designer by day and a comic artist by night, reading manga and watching anime has always been a huge, inspirational part of Helix’s life.

With a deep passion for romance, fantasy, action and comedy stories, she also could be seen playing otome, MMORPG and arcade games, and would occasionally write Fanfiction.

Inspired by the concept of Alice in Wonderland, “Lost and Found” is her debut comic and she strives to create more works that touches the unique and complex feelings of human nature.

Debut Work


Comic: Lost and Found



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