Name: Florence

She is a former journalist/shopkeeper/traveller, current bum.

This is her first time working on a comic.

Debut Work

Comic: Diary of a Cat

Leon Ang


Name: Leon Ang

Began the GN drawing journey since my secondary school days. Trimmed plain or colored paper and stapled them into booklets. A page for each frame – traditional format for Chinese comics (GN) that were in black and white, and string bound.

However my GN had no plot and text, merely actions, sword-fighting and explosions (007 style). They were circulated among friends and classmates.

That’s half a century back then. Nowadays, I learn writing and drawing skills from books. Yet to pick up technological skills to speed up production time. Somehow, I appreciate traditionally handcrafted works. Perhaps the ‘imperfections’ could reflect the experience of the artists. Sure, hi-tech can keep cost viable for production.

Look forward to a generation of works that will represent a unique SG style.

Debut Work

Comic: Hair