Rixou Liu Jiahui


Name: Rixou Liu Jiahui

Facebook: facebook.com/pandorascar

Website: http://oasis-sky.deviantart.com

Rixou first experienced comics production as a student reporter with local Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. She received her first illustrating commission while pursuing an Architecture degree in the National University of Singapore, and has been creating free lance art work on both part and full time basis since.

To date, Rixou has worked with both commercial companies and independent authors to create content including short graphic novels, book illustrations and character designs.

She participated in the production of the comics anthology ARENA sci-fi vol 0 in 2009. She was also selected for The Apprenticeship Programme 2012 (TAP) by Noise Singapore- a National Arts Council Initiative- and her works were subsequently exhibited in public showcases at Goodman Arts Centre and Ion Orchard. Rixou is currently working on "Pandora's Scar", an original full length graphic novel inspired by greek mythology.

Debut Work

Comic: Ti Amo

Comic: Home Coming

Other Titles

Comic: Pandora's Scar - 01 - Sentinel City

Comic: Pandora's Scar - 02 - The Hunters' Moon

Comic: Pandora's Scar - 03 - Fanged Shadows



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