Yang Hui Shan Murasaki


Name: Yang Hui Shan Murasaki

Yang Hui Shan aka Murasaki, graduated from Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, major in Multimedia. In 1999, she had her illustration and comics published in Friday Weekly newspaper.

Two years later, she joined Comic Fast Food, a comic club by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). At the same time, she formed Comix Pandora Singapore Doujinshi Group, with a total of 10 members. She is also the leader of Comix Pandora. At the end of 2001, she left Comic Fast Food and continue to work on original comics.

Till now, she had 7 comics been published, such as “Memories”, “Mystical Dragon Deity vol 1 to 5 complete” and ”Pandora” . She joined TCZ Studio in 2003 and became the computer graphic artist. 5 years later, she became Comics Society‘s vice president.

In 2012, Hui Shan was awarded China-Wuhan International Digital Arts Exhibition Interactive Arts Category (Best Interactive Art Award) Awards of Excellence -Silver

Debut Work

Comic: Friendship Band



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