Yun Yang and Cheng Jie


Name: Yun Yang and Cheng Jie

Two schoolmates read Bakuman and wondered if an artist-writer duo would still work in real life. This is the result.

Tan Yun Yang, the artist, is a self-declared lazy guy with grand delusions of being a manga artist. He drew his first comic at the age of 13 (in an exercise book, no less) and is a fervent Tokyo Ghoul fan. He is going to study animation in either NTU or DigiPen.

Chik Cheng Jie, the writer, reads way too much One Piece. He likes to think he’s motivated, but the fact that he spends his time mainly daydreaming about manga tells the real story. He is planning to study, well, anything really, while continuing to write on the side.

The duo sacrificed their weekends during national service to create the piece, “Only Human”. The fact that the characters’ faces are often drawn screaming in horror is sheer coincidence.

Debut Work

Comic: Only Human



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