Comixmag Artist Sharing Session

The first Pura Comixmag Artist Sharing Session was held on 18th April 2015 at National Library Board as one of the sessions for the opening of the Singapore Original Comics Festival (SGOCF) 2015.

This was a one hour session where we had 3 of our new artists, Helix Goh, Cream Bun, and Kiri, who are under the Pura Comixmag Mentorship Program, shared their experiences of the publishing platform.

Pura Comixmag Artists:

Helix Goh, Author of Lost and Found

Cream Bun, Author of Teddy Wonderland

Kiri, Author of A Deal with Lucifer


Liu Jiahui (Rixou), Author of Pandora Scar

comixmag panel comixmag panel 2



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