An Interview with Ink Fusion

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~An Interview with Ink Fusion~

Ink Fusion… What is Ink Fusion?  This time, we are happy to have Mr. Silver Chia, the founder of Ink Fusion to be interviewed by us.

” Ink Fusion aims to provide a holistic approach to the teaching of art which places an emphasis on technical and motor skills, values and thinking processes that leads to works big on artistic value.

We believe that each student should be given the opportunity to express their creativity and actively learn to apply problem-solving abilities. These skill sets will remain relevant to the students as they grow and mature. We have a dedicated and responsible team of professionals armed with a wealth of skills in their respective art forms and relevant industry experience. Most importantly, they enjoy sharing their expertise and are well equipped with pedagogic capabilities required to deliver these skill sets to students.”

1. Tell us about your upcoming 5-year plan. What is the vision and goals you have set for Team Ink Fusion?

We have been actively introducing aspects of local culture into our drawing and design workshops and we look forward to infuse elements of mother tongue and local languages for future workshops. Besides picking up technical skills, these sessions will be opportunities for both local and foreign participants to gain cross-culture communication skills. 

Ultimately, we aim to brand ourselves as a company with both a strong rooting locally in Singapore and we target to promote our training methods overseas. Building a team of dedicated, hearty and skilled trainers is the key to connecting learners with our essential content. Like-minded team players are the core engine of the company to excel in the right route, without which any goals and visions will be fruitless. 


2. What recent challenges has your company faced? And how have you responded to or overcome them? 

The education industry is disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Implementations of necessary strict safety measures resulted in the majority of schools and learning centers ceasing on-site operations during the 2 months circuit breaker. Students’ parents too faced job uncertainty and loss of income. 

My committed trainers all adjusted swiftly and worked extra hard to provide lessons continuity using new online platforms. Thanks to their efforts, we managed to gain new overseas participants in our Digital Arts lesson. As for our regular traditional medium comic lessons, extra effort was taken to provide students with crafted worksheets and art tools which were delivered to their homes to allow them to progress with the lessons. 

Our supportive partners have provided the utmost assistance to supply their products to Ink Fusion during the Circuit Breaker period and that allowed us to operate seamlessly during the lockdown.

3. Can you share with us some contributions that you have made to the comics and visual design industry?

We have worked closely with strategic partners to organize and promote comics competition annually, to encourage more enthusiasts to unleash their talents through the event.

At Ink Fusion, we have always utilized our forte in comics to assist organizations in promoting their policies among the mass public community via creative illustrations and visual storyboards.

My team and I providing career sharing and conducting studio learning tours for many schools.


Wacom digital art demo ink fusion with CHIJ ST2

4. Ink Fusion has just published 2 workbooks – ” Infinite Manga Workbook ” and ” Infinite Comic Character Creator”. What is your objective of publishing these workbooks? Do you intend to publish other workbooks in the future?

Smart Learning is our plan for this essential project!

Coincidentally, both our workbooks are created with home-based learning capabilities and sold more than 1000 copies before the official launch date in December 2019 by Faber-Castell Singapore. The affordable workbooks are designed to enable users to tap into our expanding library of training videos online with their smart mobile phones, iPads, or computers with no additional charges. 

We are keen to publish more innovative workbooks and our team is evolving along with the market needs and thus, producing up-to-date effective training materials for our end users. Our work is not done even having our workbook being purchased by practitioners, as we would continue to upload latest contents and useful tips for our learners using our online platform.

5. If Ink Fusion does not exist, what would you do for a living?

I would have applied for positions in event management or multi-media content generation for companies which require such services to promote and market their products, as that is in line with my creative background. The opportunities to challenge myself to come up with problem-solving tactics are priceless and rewarding to me. Of course, it should also be a well-salaried post, chuckle. 

The following are the project scope of work that interests me.

Wedding animations:

Faber Castell adult learning
Faber-Castell adult learning

6. Do you think Singapore provides equal opportunities for your company and other talents that you have known in your field?

300% yes!!! My view is that every client’s project should be treated like managing your own business. “There is no small opportunity offered as the mechanics required are similar regardless of project size.” If you cannot deliver small projects satisfactorily, how can you be entrusted with larger-scale projects? Learn to be grounded and put in your maximum efforts for all tasks regardless of its size.



7. Define success in your terms?

We work on a 60-40 formula to measure success – the happiness meter including job satisfaction takes up 60, and 40 is the minimum level of monetary gains the project needs to generate as a necessary requirement to sustain our current state of work. Retaining that structure is rewarding for me and the team. 

To know more about Ink Fusion, visit their official website for more information: