Yeo Hui Xuan

Yeo Hui Xuan - Comic Artist of Dream Walker comic series .
She is also Singapore’s first female full-time professional comic artist.
Senior Director, Comics Society ( Singapore ).
Artist & Mentor of Puracomixmag.
Comix Pandora Senior Artist, Singapore Original Doujinshi Group.

Awards :
  • Best Comic Storytelling Award “Story of Yuu Ying” at Merlion International Animation Week in 2016.
  • Silver Award “ Story of Muca” for WE3 China – Wuhan 2nd International Digital Art Biennial 2012.
  • Dream Walker obtained very good results in Singapore industry and recognition by fans. In addition, Dream Walker 2 series – “Dreamscape 5 Pillars” ( Chinese / English, 2 volumes ) was published, which also gained the support and sponsorship by National Arts Council ( NAC ).
  • Her first debut works - Dream Walker Series ( Chinese / English, 6 volumes ) gained support and sponsorship of the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore ( IMDA ) in 2009.
  • Silver Award in the Digital Animation Category for the Safety@Work Creative Awards in 2008.
  • Awarded Certificate of Excellence for AXN Anime Drawing Contest in 2002.

Website :