Comic Book Recommendation : A Deal With Lucifer Ebooks

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All 3 volumes (English & Chinese) are up on Google Play Books!

A Deal With Lucifer comic series is created by Singapore’s Puracomixmag comic artist – Clio Hui Kiri.

Among the artists in the Puracomixmag talents program, she is one of the most successful artists who had her debut work developed into a comic series.

A Deal With Lucifer comic series receives a great response from both local and overseas fans.

Currently, Clio Hui is working on the second season of A Deal With Lucifer, which is the prequel to the Season 1′ s story. Do stay tuned!

Story Synopsis:

Hikari is a seemingly normal high school student.

His innocent and naive character led him to accept a deal offered by a demon called Lucifer, who promised to fulfill all his wishes in exchange for his soul. Initially unknown to him, he is actually inherently anything but ordinary; he is a being who is capable of disrupting the mysterious balance of the three realms and his life will be relentlessly pursued.

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