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Join Pura Comixmag, showcase your artworks and become the next Comic superstar!

Pura Comixmag, Singapore’s first online comic magazine, brings together bright new talents of the local comics scene.

Showcasing quality comic works produced by popular and promising local talents shortlisted from open submissions, the magazine will be published on a monthly basis.

Participants submit their concept in form of story summary and key character designs. Participants whose concepts show potential will be invited to complete the full work under guidance of the professional editorial panel, headed by local veteran comic artist Mr. Wee Tian Beng. Selected aspiring artists get to experience professional publishing, from pitching their story, to polishing the flow and artwork through rigorous quality control from the editorial team. They will also receive a talent fee for their work. The final product is a commercial quality comic- in sequential or 4 frame format- which will be published in Pura Comixmag and showcased over a range of media including online, e-book, and more!

Submission is closed now.