Cosplay Accessory Making Beginner Workshop

Cosplay Accessory Making Beginner Workshop

You are invited and sign-ups are still on-going! Come learn the basics of cosplay accessory making in this 4 hours workshop and apply it on your next cosplay!

What you’ll make:

An actual wearable cosplay accessory based off Fern Zygote from popular local original comic series – “The Celestial Zone”!

What you’ll learn:

Basic knowledge on craft foam usage, water-based acrylic paint application and introductory jewelry assembly techniques.

*Please take note that this is a fast-paced workshop so only those who can work fast are recommended to attend!

Date: 14th September, Saturday

Time: 11am – 3pm


TCZ Studio Pte Ltd,
623 Aljunied Rd
Aljunied Industrial Complex
Singapore 389835

Fee: $68/pax (materials fee included)

*Light refreshments are provided

Workshop Materials include:

  1. Template guides
  2. Craft Foam
  3. Water-based acrylics
  4. Beads and jewelry-crafting components

Payment Details: Participants are required to make payment before attending this workshop. Please PM me on my Facebook page at Wyrrd Rune ( to make payment. Bank Transfer/PayNow/PayLah accepted.

*Exclusive offer for workshop participants only! You’ll get to enjoy a 10% discount off any comic purchase from TCZ Studio Pte Ltd on the same day!

For more information, visit Wyrrd Rune’s workshop link at,