Learning Journey Programme – A Modern Approach To Art Education

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Modern Learning Journey Programmes For School Field Trips

A total of 150 selected students from Hwa Chong International School participated in the Learning Journey Programme, a new and modern approach to art education, on 25th Jul & 22nd Aug 2019 in several batches led by Team Ink Fusion. Under this programme, lessons are conducted outside school premises, often at comics production studios or art practitioners’ and partners’ work stations for a holistic and engaging learning experience.

Digital Art is trending among the new generation of users and to cater to this phenomenon, the Learning Journey Programme engages participants by incorporating “Artist’s Journey” where digital artists, animators, comics makers, and other art practitioners and entrepreneurs generously share their field experiences with the students. The programme allows the participants to explore the latest drawing devices and other digital art tools. Participants are also able to raise their queries to the master practitioners directly, and get an immediate constructive response or advice.

Our strategic partner (Peripheral Solutions Pte Ltd) from the creative field has offered a conducive venue for this Learning Journey for our inspiring artists and future designers.

On behalf of the schools, students and our arts community, we would like to once again thank Peripheral Solutions Pte Ltd for the special arrangement made to provide a conducive venue for the Learning Journey Programme, thus making this holistic and engaging learning experience possible.

Learning Journey at Peripheral Solutions Pte Ltd, the exclusive Wacom products distributor in Singapore:

Ms. Low Kiah Hwee Rixou shares her artist’s journey with the students.
Ms. Naomi demonstrates her digital painting process and shares pointers with the students.

At the end of the segmentattentive students got to win prizes from Wacom during the Q&A session. Prizes are sponsored by Peripheral Solutions Pte Ltd .

Check out the interview and the student’s response on the Learning Journey!

Singapore Schools Learning journey @ Wacom Asia with Ink Fusion


This learning journey trip is accredited by the National Arts Council. It enables our art practitioners and partners to outreach to more local school students, to help them better understand the creative industry. Through field trips accompanied by professional trainers who work closely with the Comics Society (Singapore), we aim to encourage the youths to pursue their passion and nurture their talents in areas of Original Creativity. Our partners have also successfully organized events such as the Singapore International Original Comics Competition, which acts as a platform for young artists to showcase their talents and also provides an avenue to identify new blood within our local creative pool.  


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Allow Mr. K.S, Senior Director SEA & S.A Wacom Singapore Pte Ltd to tell you more.

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The man responsible for our local creative digital tablets distribution.

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Credits: INK FUSION  

Videographer : DJ Djitowibowo 

Photographer : Silver Chia 

Reporter: Murasaki

Trainers: Ms. Low Kiah Hwee (Rixou), Ms. Naomi Soh and Mr Ng Chong Han