Mid-Autumn Get-Together 2019 @ SCCC

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Attendees from various arts and cultural groups

Mid-Autumn is a season where friends and family gather for an evening of moon-viewing over mooncakes, water chestnuts, pomelo and celebratory fare.

We were cordially invited to the “Mid-Autumn Get-Together” session at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 6th September, which was held at their picturesque rooftop which offered a fantastic panoramic night view. We were treated not only to a delicious buffet spread of traditional snacks, song performances and an evening of camaraderie amongst dignitaries from our local arts and cultural scene.

Opening speech by the Guest-Of-Honour

After the opening speech by the Guest-Of-Honour, guests were encouraged to mingle and network while fortifying themselves from a generous selection of local delights ranging from Nonya delights, satay and fusion concoctions like prawn tempura and fried bun with chilli crab sauce. Mocktails, light spirits, tea and coffee are the beverage trinity for this celebration under a canopy of moon and stars.

Various arts and cultural groups – like drums, performing arts, Peranakan babas and bibiks are invited to “Share-and-Tell” on stage to encourage cross-exchange opportunities. Our very own top artist from TCZ Studio Pte Ltd – Mr Wee Tian Beng was also invited on stage to share our company’s latest developments, including our newly re-branded Pura Comixmag – a monthly online original comics and lifestyle magazine which will feature works from both local and overseas artists, which will act as inspirations to budding young talents who can also utilize Pura Comixmag’s built-in publishing platform and mentorship programme to submit their original ideas and comics.

Mr Wee also went through briefly about the newest updates on the making of “The Celestial Zone” movie, whose production schedule is slated for next year 2020. He also mentioned that he is open to collaboration with related groups from our local arts and cultural scene.

Overall an enjoyable experience where various lighted installations doubled up as seating for guests, and where “Lantern Tigers” enthusiasts can challenge themselves to solve the riddles which were aptly strung up against fairy lights – hits the atmosphere just right indeed!

A fantastic panoramic view of the event with lighted installations as seats for guests!