Novel Recommendation : The Adventures of Yu Jin by Brian Lee

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Singapore Novelist , Brian Lee’s novels are on Google Play!

Singapore novelist, Brian Lee ‘s 4 novels ” The Adventures of Yu Jin” series : Paradeisos(空中花园),Rosa Caelestis(玻璃玫瑰),Mermaid’s Resentment(人鱼泪)and  The Golden Crow(神州日月)are available for purchase at Google Play Books!

Born in the 80s at Hong Kong, Brian migrated to Singapore with his family and continued his studies in Singapore. His hobbies are drawing, karaoke, and not to forget, writing novels. He likes to read different genres of books and day-dreaming.

As a Capricorn, he  is very good at writing. Concurrently, Brian is writing his Book 5 ” The Lion’s Code”. With more new character appearances, we’re stoked to find out how the story will progress and how the plot will eventually unravel, stay tuned!

To know more about Brian’s Lee, please click the link below.

2002 Graduated in Temasek Polytechnic

2010 Finalist in the top 20 of the “Xianwang Science Fiction Awards”.

2012 Published《天劫》is “The Calamity” / The Adventures Of Yu Jin “series book 1 Paradeisos(空中花园)

2014 Published  The Adventures Of Yu Jin “series book 2 Rosa Caelestis(玻璃玫瑰)

2019 Published The Adventures Of Yu Jin “series book 3 Mermaid’s Resentment(人鱼泪)

2019 Published The Adventures Of Yu Jin “series book 4 The Golden Crow(神州日月)


To purchase his physical books, please click the link below

“The Adventures of Yu Jin” (大冒险家ー宇进系列) Chinese novel series is also now available on Google E-books! Click on the link below to purchase!