Puracomixmag 1st Anniversary Promotion by RJ Paper

In conjunction with the Puracomixmag 1st Anniversary celebration, RJ Paper will be offering the essential kit for customers or interested parties who are looking for special papers for their packaging or design projects.

To know more about the RJ Paper Essential Kit, check out their official website: https://www.rj-paper.com/essentials

This promotion is valid from 7th September to 30th September!

Interested to get yourself an essential kit? Please email to enquiry_S@rj-paper.com or call 6383 0880.

About RJ Paper  (information taken from RJ Paper)

With your needs at heart, we hand select high quality paper from some of the best paper mills around the world. It’s essential for us to present to you the best canvas for your creativity at the best value possible. Every paper that we pick comes from an environmentally responsible source. 

By now, you should understand that good quality comes hand in hand with presenting your work at its best; it’s not just a decorative feature but integral to elevating your project, your product, and your brand.

We are the trusted partner for thousands of designers, creators, artists and makers since 1987. For decades, our personal touch to customers and attention to materiality have positioned us right at the heart of creative communities and their projects. It’s part of our mission to continue doing that so don’t hesitate to approach us for help. Call or visit us. It’ll give us great joy to join you on your journey.