Puracomixmag 3rd Anniversary Greetings from artists & creators

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We are 3 years old!
Thank you all the supporters and comic lovers for the support!
Here are the greetings from our artists and creators.

Greeting from Wee Tian Beng, President of Comics Society (SG) ,
Author of  The Celestial Zone series & NEO ERA.

Greeting from Yeo Hui San Murasaki,
Vice President of Comics Society (SG) & Chief Editor of Puracomixmag

Greeting from Rixou, Author of Pandora’s Scar.
Greeting from Clio Hui Kiri, Author of  A Deal With Lucifer

Greeting from Yamamoto Yukishika, Author of  Fiddly’s Adventures.

Greeting from 鳴哲嘿, Pura Tuesday Artist from Malaysia

Greeting from Brian Lee,
Author of The Adventures of Yu Jin & Editor of Pura Tuesday (Chinese)

Greeting from Chua Chiu Teng, Editor of Pura Tuesday (English)

Greeting From Max Huang