Rest in Peace Mr Yaguchi Takao

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Photo was taken from Yahoo Japan.

One of the artists I most respect – Yaguchi Takao of “Tsurikichi Sanpei” has passed on today. His work was one of my ten most favourite manga.

I loved his work so much till I had to visit Yokote-shi Matsuda-machi Manga Museum in his hometown – Akita Prefecture, just to see the original drafts of his manga. I can never forget their charm and how much they inspired me!

It was also an unforgettable experience for me in Korea when I was arranged to sit and eat beef yakiniku at the same table as Yaguchi Takao Sensei and the artist of “Ore Wa Teppei” – Chiba Tetsuya Sensei, whom I admired alot too!

At that time, I was still new to the scene and I wasn’t familiar with eating Korean beef yakiniku. However, both Senseis were very patient at showing me how to cook the meat and eat it with wrapped lettuce!

I’m honored to receive such kindness from both Senseis. Their humble attitude in treating people is something that I will forever keep in mind!

I would also like to extend my most heartful thanks to Yaguchi Takao Sensei for his support of Comics Society (Singapore)!

Rest in peace, Yaguchi Takao Sensei.

Wee Tian Beng
President, Comics Society (Singapore)