“Rixou’s Reverie” Interview Spotlight: Mentor Liu Jiahui & Pandora’s Scar

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Jiahui with special edition artwork from Pandora’s Scar

We’re now on to Volume 3 of PuraComixMag and it’s certainly apt for Mentor Liu Jiahui of “Pandora’s Scar” because 3 is the lucky number for one of her comic characters – the Greek Goddess of Love, Venus! Jiahui debuted on PuraComixmag with her short comics “HomeComing”and “Ti Amo” (coming next week!), and is now working on volume 3 of her full-length fantasy comic series- “Pandora’s Scar”. Let’s ask Jiahui more of her creation journey for “Pandora’s Scar” and her newest release slated for the end of this year!

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1. First up, why did you pick Greek Mythology as your comic’s theme?

I love the characters of Greek mythology. They are colourful, with many of them having well-established roles and personalities, and it is a joy to take this existing vibrant palette and put my own interpretations and connections to them. 

2. There are many stories in Greek Mythology, why did you choose to particularly focus on Eros and Pandora?

Of the Greek myths I read, Eros and Psyche is the one that left the strongest impression on me- because it was one of the rare occasions where the immortals are not invulnerable, and the central female character takes action to seek her happiness instead of remaining a passive victim. As for Pandora, her character and Psyche’s are often linked since both the climax of their stories feature the opening of a forbidden box, so that’s how the story of Pandora’s box and its characters found their way into Pandora’s Scar as well. 

Pandora’s Scar Chapter 6- The Immortals

3. Is there a reason why you chose an urban landscape as the background for your Greek fantasy story?

The earliest version of Pandora’s Scar was actually conceptualised during the ‘idol TV drama’ boom. While I could see the appeal in those stories, I really wanted a story where the central conflict was about something greater than the characters’ romantic troubles. I was also an avid reader of epic Fantasy novels, so making Pandora’s Scar an urban fantasy story was a natural way to match these creative interests.

4. We know you’ve studied to be an architect. Why did you choose comic creation over an architect career?

Through university and my early years of work, I was already moonlighting as a freelance artist and illustrating the works of other authors. Eventually, I was ready to try producing my own stories, but I could not do it while holding a demanding full-time architectural job. After thinking my options through, I realised that if I put aside comic creation, I would always be asking myself ‘what if..?’…so here we are.

5. As a mentor of PuraComixMag, we’re sure you’ve met many budding artists. What qualities do you look for in a potential mentee?

Passion for storytelling, willingness to act on constructive criticism and step outside their comfort zone, humility and an open mind.

2016, At Comic Nova 7 event in Taipei, Taiwan

6. We are aware that one of your motto’s in Life is “One must take time to live life in order to create.” Tell us then, how do you cope with your artist blocks? Share with us your other hobbies (if any).

It depends on the cause of the ‘block’, but one thing that never fails to keep me grounded is to interact with my fellow artists and catch up with their latest works. Seeing these creators I know personally face and overcome problems similar to mine is a reminder that I can do it, too. 

Stories excite me- I am always eager to pick up new ones in any form, from comics and novels to movies, TV dramas and video games. But I consider that half recreation, half ‘research’. Outside such ‘work’ I enjoy Flamenco- the dance form and the rich culture and heritage around it connect with me, and since I spend my working hours desk-bound and mentally in imaginary universes, it’s a nice break to put my focus on the ‘now’ and in physical activity.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 artwork

7. What can your readers and fans expect from Pandora’s Scar’s latest release?

In the standalone special print of Chapter 7 which will be released in December, main character Philly finally meets the leader of the opposition, Prometheus, who raises some valid points against the Immortals. We also get a first sense of exactly what’s at stake as both ‘Mirage’ and the Immortals gather their forces for the final conflict. A little token of appreciation will also be included in this release as a ‘thank you’ to readers who have been patiently awaiting Pandora’s Scar’s next release.


Pandora’s Scar Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 can be purchased at TCZ Studio website: http://tczstudio.com/product-category/ps/