Comic Book Recommendation : The Celestial Zone X & X.2 Ebooks

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What is The Celestial Zone X Dimension about?

“In the Ancient East, a group of people devoted themselves to The Way of Nature. Through strict spiritual and physical training,

They are able to withdraw and manipulate unlimited power from the surrounding environment.
They called this forceful power from nature Spiritual Power !
They dwelled in a realm that differs from the norm, and they named their domain the Celestial Zone !
However in this vast world there lie many secrets and surprises!
Apart from Eastern Spiritual Power, are there other forms of ultimate power in other parts of the world?
What kind of powers would that be? Beyond the Celestial Zone, what unlimited spheres lie ahead…?”

In addition, * Lamina’s Violet Stone * Fern Zygote’s Crimson Stone * Namuh Diabolus ‘s Ebony Stone * Efia Longus’Citrine Stone
who holds the fifth Spirit Stone of Angelus Magus – Sthgil?
Yet more to come…
What is the greatest magic of all time in the Land of Mazakala?
What concept does the anagram X reveals?
After Xing Ling’s first encounter with Namuh Diabolus on the battlefield, what awaits them in the future?
Further character developments. More peculiar adventures. Only in The Celestial Zone fifth installment –
The Celestial Zone X.2