Pura Comixmag – Online Comic Showcase

The Singapore Comic Showcase Platform Program “Pura Comixmag” is Singapore’s first bilingual online monthly comic magazine.

The program has the objectives of nurturing local talent, with a more robust program that will reach out to a wider pool of potential new talents, creating a healthy business environment and cycle, making it a complete process that will ultimately be commercially viable and sustainable for more promising local talents to go professional.

There will be a call for submission of comics strip and illustrations via the program website. The submission that meets the editorial team requirement will be selected to be serialized into the digital monthly comic magazine.

At the end of the program, it is the intention of Puracomixmag to assist the most popular serialized stories title to comply and subsequently be made into stand-alone compiled digital issues. This is to kick start for the talent to produce ongoing issues that will be sold commercially to the market, allowing the local talents to receive ongoing royalties on a regular basis given to them from Puracomixmag.

This online monthly magazine is published by TCZ Studio Pte Ltd.