Comic Book Recommendation : The Makeup Toolbox Ebooks

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~The Makeup Toolbox~
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A story about two aspiring makeup artists, Jane and Chen, and their journey to becoming professional makeup artists. The Makeup Toolbox offers a combination of makeup knowledge embedded in a comic story. Aside from learning about makeup skills and techniques, Jane and Chen also deal with their own insecurities and growing pains as secrets are uncovered.

In Volume 1: The Foundation Story, Chen begins attending a professional makeup course and encounters the mysterious Jane. As a friendship forms, Chen discovers Jane’s shocking secret.

In Volume 2: The Colour Story, the class is sent on their first external internship assignment. Jane and Chen are assigned to design makeup looks for dancers Maya and David and learns about the realities of being a makeup artist on the job.


Shen Jiahui is a comic artist who loves stories with strong female characters.

Graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation, she also has a big interest in makeup and thus obtained a Professional Diploma in Makeup Artistry.

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To know more about Shen Jiahui, take a look at her interview here.